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Thank you for visiting my small but mighty practice, Industrial Ping.  My name is Collin Douma. I am a marketing practitioner based in Brooklyn New York

My primary mission is to help my clients build their brands by through pragmatic and actionable solutions to complex questions in marketing and advertising. I strive to deliver the same quality of service from automotive and CPG giants to local products and professional services. Quality is measured by effectivness, not scale. 

Unlike many "strategy consultants" out there, I can actually execute elements of the strategies I put forward. This is why I prefer to be called a practitioner instead of a consultant. I have been educated and practicing my craft for over 20 years. 



Collin Douma - Practitioner and Sole Proprietor  

Collin Douma - Practitioner and Sole Proprietor



What is an Industrial Ping?

A "Ping" is a packet of information sent between two servers. Like a sonar ping from a submarine, it can determine the speed and distance to other connections within the network. In internet lingo, "Ping" is also used as short hand for a communication between individuals. 

My sole purpose is to help clients position their brand communication with speed and clarity, but at an industrial scale. - Industrial Ping

 Social Strategy for 3x Cannes Lion winner  "Find Red"  -   Agency  BBDO, Proximity Canada

 Social Strategy for 3x Cannes Lion winner "Find Red" -
 Agency BBDO, Proximity Canada

Advertising & Marketing Strategy

Put 20 years experience in Creative, Brand Strategy, Social Media and Communications Strategy to the task

Pitch & RFP Assistance
Brand Planning
Digital Transformantion
Creative/Agency Brief Development
Social Media Marketing
Measurement and ROI PLANNING
Gut Check Strategic Approach


SEM, eCommerce and Creative for   "Light It Up"   Gillette Olympic Sponsorship  Agency  BBDO NY

SEM, eCommerce and Creative for  "Light It Up"  Gillette Olympic Sponsorship Agency BBDO NY

Content and Collateral


Logos, Stationary, Web/Social Assets, Signage, Packaging, Presentation Design, Master Template Design, 

Advertising Creative

Idea Generation, Concepts, Art & Copy, Digital and Print Production

Social Media

Influencer identification and outreach, Community building and management

Paid Social, Mobile, Gaming and Search 

Media planning and buying. Search Engine Marketing, Mobile Platform and app network planning and buying. 



These rates are adjusted to meet industry ethical standards and experience level.  If you tend to avoid low rate Doctors for the care of your family, if you ditch discount Lawyers for the care of your estate, if you curb cash-only Mechanics for the care of your car, or would't consider a student for the care of your investment portfolio, you might also consider the same quality of deep discount offering from those who would care for your brands. 



One hour minimum charge


Offering a 5% discount on hourly rate. Only whole days are available at this rate, partial days are billed hourly



Offering a 10% discount on a weekly rate. Only whole weeks are available at this rate. Daily or hourly charges may apply for less than whole weeks. 



Offering a bundled fee option, only if negotiated before the project begins. 


I have had the extraordinary opportunity to work with some of the worlds leading brands across multiple categories. Some through agency relationships, others through direct contracts and projects. Explore my portfolio and featured case studies here .


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— Collin Douma, Consultant at Industrial Ping