My guiding belief…

With the right team,
No channel is an island.
No barriers are insurmountable.

Collin has an amazing grasp of bringing brand strategy to life. Whether through media ideas, creative ideas or a synthesis of both - he is able to think with an innovative point of view to evolve your brand and move it forward. Additionally, he brings a unique perspective to brand communication having seen the business from multiple angles - from production through to reaching and connecting with consumers as they continue to evolve.

Doreen Szeto - Smart AF & Global Media Strategy Dir. OMD


Collin knows how to motivate, encourage and inspire people to challenge themselves, no matter what the task may be. In the short time that I had the privilege to work for Collin, I learned so much. Collin does the unexpected. He's sincere and true to himself and he doesn't settle. Collin's patience and passion make him a great teacher and leader.

Meg Button -Best Name in Business & AD, McCann Canada


As the advertising world changes, Collin helped us look at the way we create, the way we work with our clients, the way we work together and the way we generate new business. Collin’s strategic and creative mind combined with his social media expertise made him one of the key leaders of our company.

Doug Turney, President & Mensch, McCann Canada


Collin grasps very complex issues very quickly and gets right to the root of the problem. His strategies are ruthlessly insightful, very pointed and most importantly, they drive results. Collin also has one of the best "Bullshit Meters" in the business. If you are looking for someone to agree with you all of the time... move on. On a personal note, Collin is a great guy. He is a pleasure to work with and he lifts the game of all the people around him.

Morgan Seamark, the Best Suit at BBDO NY

Collin is everything you’d want from a great leader – intelligent, honest, respectful, and most of all, funny as hell.
— Rachel Ma - Kick Ass Art Director, McCann Canada

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