What is an Industrial Ping?



You may have guessed that Industrial Ping is the name of my sole marketing and advertising consultancy. I was inspired for “Industrial” from by my favorite FX shop, Industrial Light and Magic. Ping was harder earned...

The first inspiration for "Ping" came from the deep. Submariners use sonar pings to send messages across vast oceans,explore surroundings,  and reveal foes hiding in the depths. Never to pass up a double entendre - Ping is also used in computer networking circles to describe packets of information bouncing from one node to the next. Ping has appeared in the common lexicon as a short form for a virtual poke. 

There is no true connection, unless the ping bounces back.

I began to think of Ping as light. The Sun’s radiant brilliance, pinging off the moon, then the sea, then to me. Marketing and advertising is a reflection of the culture, not the source. 

Since Antiquity, light has bathed every corner of the human imagination. Light symbolized the divine fire, the creative spirit, the fertility of the earth and the victory over darkness. The innocence of the wandering ancients sketched light on the stone passages, earliest evidence of our eternal quest to connect with the immortal. In the Renaissance the light of learning shone from the Academies, and came to represent divine intelligence; it was the language of the angels, the vehicle of inspiration, witness to the divine nature of Man.  We first trapped light to steam water in mechanized production but in moment of inspiration, we trapped water to generate light in industrial revolution. Today in remarkable detail, 7 Billion people broadcast the human condition at the speed of light to the heavens. 

Bathed in light we wander still, looking to connect with an industrial ping. 

collin douma

(plus "Industrial Ping" sounded cool)